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In the beginning...​

Just kidding.  To quote Diego Montoya from The Princess Bride, "Is too much; let me sum up."  ;D  

I have always loved art and creating things.  My first artistic composition was in crayon on the living room wall above the back of the couch when I was about 3.  I don't remember my creation.  I only remember my mom handing me a damp cloth and telling me I had to clean it off... all of it... and that "we" don't draw on walls.  That old crayon didn't come off very well, and I'm sure it was some bright, gorgeous color like red or purple.  I use paper now... or my computer, and I love creating, drawing, designing and anything else that uses shapes, color and texture.


I studied commercial art, digital art, and graphic art in school and loved every minute of it!  Now that my children are grown, if I have to go a day without creating some tiny piece of art, even a doodle, I feel like I'm missing something.  Although I see what other artists create and think "I'll never get to that point,"  I am humbly thankful for this God-given talent and hope to always be progressing.  My sincerest hope is that these pieces make your heart happy.


This line of prints for children started out as just for girls; I wanted it to be an encouraging reminder that girls can do anything.  But then my brother asked, "Val, where are the boys?!"  So... children can grow to accomplish or be whatever they choose.  Children are so amazing!  We can help them learn, when they are young and have no fear, that work, persistence, imagination and integrity are important steps in doing great things.

I love feedback!  Drop a note by email​ or comment on the Giggles & DoodleBugs Facebook page.


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